Choosing the correct Enzyme supplement

Choosing the correct Enzyme supplement.

“Without Enzymes, there is no life.”

Enzymes are the foundation of energy and the life-force in all living things! They regulate tens of thousands of biochemical functions including those responsible for building, detoxifying, and healing the body. Even “thinking” involves enzyme activity.

Without enzymes, seeds would not sprout, fruit would not ripen, leaves would not change color, and life would not exist.

Enzymes are analogous to turning the key on your car to bring the systems of the car to life. They run your entire body. You need them to absorb food, digest, walk, talk. or even breathe. Enzymes are the key to life.

Certain varieties of enzymes are instrumental in providing the body with the mechanisms by which to digest food and absorb various nutrients. When foods are consumed that are still “live”, the enzymes they contain help the body to assimilate or make use of the various ‘nutrients’ contained within that food source.

A fresh apple, for example, has over 400 different nutrients. When eaten in raw form, the ‘live food enzymes’ it contains assist digestion by helping the body determine what to do with each of those various nutrients.

A cooked apple still contains nutrients, but the heat involved in cooking destroys the enzymes, leaving it essentially dead. Without the “live food enzymes” to assist with assimilation, increased stress is placed upon the pancreas to produce the enzymes necessary to digest the apple and absorb the nutrients.

What the body needs to function are carbohydrates. proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals but they also need enzymes to activate these nutrients and the best place to get them is from raw whole foods.

There are two natural sources of enzymes—your body and raw food

The essential enzymes are produced in the pancreas, but are also present in cer­tain raw foods.

When these foods are cooked, however, the enzymes are lost because they are heat-sensitive and the high temperatures destroy them and when they do that, it leaves our bodies with limited resources to digest what we eat and absorb each day.

This enzyme deficit often leads to problematic nutritional deficiencies that play havoc with our bodies and health. In this day and age, however. many people do not eat uncooked food.

When you can’t get enzymes from raw food, your body uses its own, which puts undue stress on your tissues and organs where these enzyme reserves are located.

Our bodies were meant to be vegetarians and we would be eating raw foods.

When you consider the amount of pre-cooked and processed foods consumed by people, it is easy to see why health challenges of every kind are on the rise.

The problem is that enzymes are lost in cooking and there are many health challenges that can be alleviated by enzyme supplements.

Many people have either exhausted their system by overindulging in carbo­hydrates or no longer have the ability to breakdown lactose and sucrose because of damage from microorganisms.

Along with a healthy diet. taking the proper enzyme supplement can provide a quick resolu­tion to this problem the symptoms will disappear almost overnight.

Using “live-food” enzymes we can help the body help itself by supplying it with the necessary resources to produce antioxidant enzymes in abundance.

The lack of certain enzymes causes very specific problems. A lack of sugar digesting enzymes sucrase. maltase, and lactase—can lead to severe problems such as diarrhea and asthma.

The lack of these enzymes has also been linked to attention-deficit disorder. mood swings, violent behavior, and other mental and emotional problems.

You know that your food isn’t being digested if you can sit down to a huge meal, stuff yourself so you can’t move, and an hour later be looking in the refrigerator for something to eat.

With improper digestion. the body com­pels you to search out food that contains what you need. That’s why people have cravings.


  • Enzymes are the workers in our bodies and carry out all of the chemical reactions
  • It has been said that half of the body’s energy is spent digesting food.
  • Enzymes will not interfere with drugs already being taken, but they may decrease the needed dosage.
  • Vitamins and miner­als are familiar to most people but they don’t realize that vitamins won’t be metabolized until they join enzymes. Without enzymes, nothing works.
  • Shown in studies, raw food is easier to digest and healthier than cooked food because it still contains enzymes.
  • Almost all metabolic processes in the cell need enzymes in order to occur at rates fast enough to sustain life.
  • All people need plant enzymes
  • It’s the lack of enzymes that causes health problems.
  • Enzymes taken on an empty stomach will clean the blood.
  • Enzymes taken with meals will thoroughly digest food.

A good complex should include protease. amylase. lipase and cellulase. Lipase will help the heart and protease will enhance the immune system.

As in all supplements you should choose them from whole foods in the capsule form.

Taking enzyme supplements is no longer a luxury. it’s a necessity.

The next article will cover “How to choose a Probiotic Supplement” and then in the following days, I will be posting articles and news about what you can actually do such as:

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  • There will also be future posts that will be showing what is new in healthy living products, health news and tips from accredited sources which could enhance your way of living.

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